Adanté Associates LLC
"Satisfaction in the Process"
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About Adanté Associates LLC
In March of 2005, minority owner Ada Patterson established Adanté Associates LLC with the intention of providing affordable legal private process service for the every day citizen who may be handling their case on their own. Over the years, the company has secured clients ranging from private citizens, government agencies, landlords, finance companies to law firms across the United States and as far as Europe. 

Every client is treated with same respect, sensitivity and professionalism. Our goal is to make our clients not just a satisified client but a returning one who does not hesitate to refer us to their colleagues, family and friends. We are able to assist you locally, nationwide or internationally in some areas of our services. We look forward to working with you in striving to make you "Satisfied in the Process". 
Our Services
Legal Services

      Private Process Service (local and nationwide)
      Court Filings
      Limited Document Preparation 
      Skip Tracing

Property Management

      Landlord Court Representation - Limited
      Failure to Pay Rent 
      Clean Up/Clean Outs
      Home Improvement
      Inspection Abatement